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Buying a Meal Plan has never been easier!


When you place an order for a Meal Plan on this website, you can now elect to


This saves the hassle of waiting for your loan or financial aid money to come in. Plus, all Meal Plan purchases

(plus dollar purchases not eligible) that are CHARGED TO YOUR STUDENT ACCOUNT are tax exempt!!!


Meal Plan Options...

A Meal Plan guarantees you a nutritious way to eat. Between classes, studying, going to work, and your social life you don't have a lot of spare time. Take a break. Let us do the grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning!

(sales tax applies where applicable)



BEST VALUE: 225 Meals for the Semester + 200 Plus Dollars      Price $1487        

BEST VALUE: 165 Meals for the Semester + 300 Plus Dollars      Price $1487       

BEST VALUE: 10 Meals per Week + 350 Plus Dollars                   Price $1487       


90 Block Plan + 300 Plus Dollars                                                  Price $1040       


 The 70 Block Plan + 100 Plus Dollars                                           Price $657       


The 50 Block Plan +  100 Plus Dollars                                           Price $508       



975 Plus Dollar My Meals Plan                                                     Price $975        



 The Great Gov's Plan 5 Meals/ Week + 50 Plus Dollars                   Price $657    



19 Meals per Week + 100 Plus Dollars                                                   Price $1487      



14 Meals per Week + 250 Plus Dollars                                          Price $1487       


Unlimited Cafe' Access Plan (no meal exchange on this plan)         Price $1487       



Plus Dollars can be purchased in increments of $25. Purchases of $100

or more will receive a 10% BONUS! Minimum $25 + tax


Plus Dollars (go onto your account now)

$330 Plus Dollars for $300                                                                                        

$220 Plus Dollars for $200                                                                                        

$110 Plus Dollars for $100                                                                                        

Á la Carte  (purchased in increments of $25)                                                                            





Meal Exchange  2013-2014

A Meal Exchange is trading a meal for a dollar value in your Meal Plan Blocks

that can be applied to purchases in retail locations. 

  Exchanges are as follows: WE'VE UPPED ALL MEAL EXCHANGE RATES THIS YEAR TO $5.50!

Our Meal Plans offer a wide assortment of delicious options.