Additional Dining Funds

To add additional Dining Dollars to your dining plan:

  1. Decide how many Dining Dollars you would like to add. The minimum amount of dollars you can add is $25.
  2. Click above or mail a payment to: Tiger Card Office, Rm. 2103; 255 Duncan Dr. Auburn University, AL 36849
  3. If you have any questions about your dining plan or the process of adding dollars, please call our office at 334-844-4507 (Email: or

*Additional dollars never expire!   **Students have the funds in their account until they spend their funds or graduate.

Why should you buy additional dining funds?
In these tough economic times, it is important to find the best deal possible. This is especially true when considering where to eat. We have almost ten reasons to make you say - That is a GREAT deal!
  • Fresh, quality meals at convenient on campus locations - no leftovers or microwaves!
  • No delivery waiting times or delivery fees!
  • Plenty of grab and go options at every location.
  • Never worry about carrying cash!
  • Easily manage your funds with the Manage My ID program! (Click Here to see it!)
  • No groceries to buy or dishes to do!
  • Locations evenly spread across campus!
  • You won’t lose your parking space!
  • Convenient hours of operation!
*Students living on campus are automatically enrolled in a $995 required plan per semester. Students living off campus are automatically enrolled in a $300 required plan. The Add Funds option is for additional dining dollars beyond the required amount. Any dollars added beyond the required amount will not expire until the student graduates or closes the account. Additional dining funds can only be used for on campus dining (including our 3 major C-stores). 
** Upon graduation, any unspent funds are loaded back up through financial services and are returned to the student - click here for more information about how that works.
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