Now Hiring Full and Part Time Positions!!

BGSU Dining is looking for motivated, energetic individuals looking for an exciting career in campus dining.  We offer various positions available for everyone at very competitive wages, hours will vary approximately 15-40 hours depending on unit needs.  For more information, please click the link below to complete an application.  We will then contact you.

Student Employment

BGSU Dining relies upon student help in restaurants, dining centers, convenience stores and snack bars. Job opportunities are flexible. Available positions include general food service worker, cashier, office worker, student cook, student manager, student personnel coordinator, courier and clerical. Wages are competitive and a variety of incentives are provided. Approximately 10 -18 hours per week.

Work Schedule

Working Weekends

Work shifts for most entry-level positions are 3 to 4 hours in length. Work shifts may begin as early as 6 am and end as late as 4 am. All work shifts are arranged to fit your class schedule. Just like class schedules, work schedules may stay the same for the entire semester.

You are required to work every other weekend. Weekends generally include Friday dinner through Sunday dinner.

Working in Residence Halls

Apply for a Job

BGSU Dining cannot promise that you will receive a job in your residence hall. Work locations are based on departmental needs, but we try to honor your request whenever possible.

Please email the completed Employee Application along with your resume and class schedule to