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Good Nutrition

Good nutrition is the basic building block to overall wellness and the means to a successful academic career. BGSU dining strives to provide our students with the freshest and most healthful options available. We are committed to educating and providing information on nutrition.

Upcoming Events


  • 4th - Freebie Friday - Cabbages
  • 11th - Freebie Friday - Radishes
  • 18th - Freebie Friday - Vegetables that make you go "hmmm?"
  • 25th - Freebie Friday - Asparagus

Food Quality and Nutrition Awareness

Students' awareness of nutrition and healthy eating is at an all time high. The need to focus on quality food and nutrition has become one of BGSU Dining's mission moving forward. Through our Eat. Learn. Live. and the Dine On Campus web site, we are not just saying that we are focusing on food quality and nutrition, we are actually showing it. After all, a well-nourished student is much more likely to get better grades in school! The following outlines our nutrition programs and how they will be implemented at Bowling Green State University.

Eat • Learn • Live

Nourishing students is not only our business; it's our commitment to the community that we serve. These are just three simple words that communicate our singleminded commitment to provide the food and nutrition that fuels your students to succeed in their education, laying the foundation for a long, healthier life.

National Profile of Today's Student

75% of our students don't eat the suggested 5 or more servings of fruits and vegetables per day.

78% of students will choose a high fat option over a low fat option.

66% say they are "very health" conscious

40% of students consider themselves vegetarians.

Time poverty causes changes in eating patterns

• 25% eat 6 meal occasions
• 26% eat 2 meals and 2 snacks
• 24% eat 3 meals
• 25% eat 3 meals and 2 snacks

Questions about nutrition, special diets, allergies or healthy options on campus?

If we are offline, please contact BGSU's Registered Dietitian:

Daria Blachowski-Dreyer

Nutritional values on this web site were provided by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and are for comparative purposes only.
Foods offered on campus may not directly reflect the stated values of similar or like items.