For Commuters

My Meals

My Meals are blocks of meals that can be used in the Cannon Dining Hall. Meals are non-transferable and can be used by the plan holder only. My Meals are good for the entire academic year in which they are purchased. Just present your Student ID at the register. 

As an incentive to purchase a plan, we will add extra bonus meal(s) to your plan. For example, if you purchase 60 meals at $300, we’ll add 65 meals to your card. This is the best value in town and can’t be beat!

 “My Meals” Options:

 No. Meals                       65                     43                     21

Cost per Meal             $4.62               $4.66                $4.77              

Savings*                      $105.76          $68.43              $31.09                  

Price per Plan              $300                $200                 $100

 *Savings is calculated using the $5.78 lunch door rate plus the sales tax you would pay at the Dining Hall if you did not have a plan.



Declining Balance

Declining Balance is an optional account that works like a debit card on your Student ID. Declining Balance rolls over from semester to semester and year to year. We have two Declining Balance packages available that provide extra Bonus Dollars for signing-up!  You can add other amounts to your card, but these are the only plans that provide Bonus Dollars.


$150 Declining Balance + $10 Bonus Dollars

$250 Declining Balance + $15 Bonus Dollars


Other Increments can be deposited to your account.

For information on the Catawba Cash Card:



› Pay No Sales Tax on a meal plan

› Have a Free Meal on us for purchasing a "My Meals" meal plan

Bonus Bucks for signing up Declining Balance Dollars

› Great healthy, nutritious meals offered

› Convenient hours of operation