For Residents


Eating on campus is about more than just great food.  Meal times are the time to relax, refuel, hang-out, have fun, or make new friends. Our program has been built based on feedback from students just like you!  Enjoy the many themed meals and promotions planned throughout the year. If you don’t see what you want, simply let us know. With a Standing Reservation, you’ll always be able to eat what you want, when you want, how you want!


My Meals

All resident students will have a My Meals Plan to be used in the Cannon Dining Hall. My Meals are non-transferable and can be used by the plan holder only. Meals are good for one week and reset every Thursday evening. Just present your Student ID to the host or hostess.


Declining Balance Dollars

Declining Balance Dollars are similar to a debit account. Declining Balance Dollars are good for one semester and do not roll over from semester to semester. Use your Declining Balance Dollars at the Cannon Dining Hall for guest or extra meals, at The Smokestack Grill and Mondo Sub’s restaurants.


Add Points to your card in any increment:


For information on the Catawba Cash Card (CCC):


Website to deposit money on a CCC as a guest:


My Meals Options:


Resident students can select from the below plans with the 14 Meals Plus $175 Meal Plan being the default plan. If you would like to switch to another plan, please visit the Dining Services Business Office. At the begining of each semester, you have the option to change your plan prior to the add/drop day. (If you are a residential student you do not need to purchase a meal plan. The meal plan is included in your room and board. You will automatically default to the 14 Meal Plan.)


Unlimited + $100 Declining Balance Dollars

14 Meals/Week + $175 Declining Balance Dollars

10 Meals/Week + $225 Declining Balance Dollars



Xtra Dollars

If you run out of your Declining Balance Dollars, Xtra Dollars is an optional account that can be added to your account. Xtra Dollars roll over from semester to semester and year to year. We have two Xtra Dollars packages available that provide extra Bonus Dollars for signing-up.  You can add other amounts to your card, but these are the only plans that provide Bonus Dollars.

$150 Xtra Dollars + $10 Bonus Dollars

$250 Xtra Dollars + $15 Bonus Dollars