Off Campus Catering

CSU Dining permits a number of off campus caterers to provide limited catering services to the campus community.  The list of approved off-campus caterers who have enrolled so far may be found at the bottom of the page and is updated frequently. 

If your department or organization has preferred catering providers, please direct them to enroll in the program. Information and enrollment forms for off-campus caterers are available from the office of Campus Support Services at 216/687-3673. 

Caterers from the enrolled caterer list may provide services without a waiver for events that total $300 or less*.  Events that total in excess of $300 remain the exclusive right of CSU Catering.  Request for waivers to this exclusion must be accompanied by a Catering Services Waiver Request form available for download or from the CSU Catering Office (x3805).

Don't forget that CSU Catering may still be your best option, providing a wide rang of high-quality catered options, online ordering, and payment by direct departmental chargeback.  The CSU Catering guide may be found here.  

Off Campus enrollment information can be found at here.


Enrolled Off Campus Catering Companies

Company Name Phone Number Web Address

Galluci's Catering

Chutney Rolls 216.721.2295
Cafe Ah Roma 216.771.8700
A Taste of Excellence   440.845.0800
Food For Thought 440.946.0383
Pizza Pan 216.559.9998
Rascal House* 216.781.6784
The Stone Oven Bakery 216.621.8801

 *Rascal House is authorized to provide catering for events up to $750.