For Residents

Fall 2014 and Spring 2015 Meal Plans

Within any university, there’s a common meeting place; a place for feasting and a place for unconditional community. This is our resident dining hall, the Centre Marketplace. With options for every craving, our all-you-care-to-eat dining hall features vegetarian choices from Terre Ve, fresh sandwiches from the Deli Station, home style cooking from the Menutainment Station, the usual favorites from the Grill, warm pasta and pizza varities from our Italian Station, our full Salad Bar and our scrumptous bakery. Don't forget about our MyPantry station where you can have breakfast whenever you want - including homemade waffles! Whether you are a campus resident, commuter student, faculty or staff, a meal plan exists to suit your needs. 


The newly renovated Centre Marketplace


As a resident student, it is mandatory to have a meal plan. Commuter or University Apartment Students are not required, but certainly welcome to purchase any meal plan. Some meal plans come with Flex Bucks (extra money you use at our dining locations outside of the Centre Marketplace). Unused Flex Bucks do not carry from semester to semester. Our meal plans run on a weekly basis starting on Sunday morning and ending Saturday evening. Meal plans are used or lost on a weekly basis and do not roll over. Your meal swipes (of your meal plan) may be used in the Centre Marketplace only. If a student needs to be exempt from a resident meal plan, please submit the Meal Plan Exemption Form to the Business Services office.

Changes in your class or work schedule?  
You may make changes to your meal plan selection within the first ten business days after the meal plan begins. To make a change, students need to visit the Business Services Office, located in the Student Union, Suite 204.

Meal Periods: The Centre Marketplace is setup to serve meals based on meal periods. There are three meal periods per day Monday through Friday and two meal periods per day Saturday and Sunday. The Centre Marketplace does not close in between meal periods but keep in mind that limited service is available during those transitional periods. You may use one meal per meal period, BUT we do permit one extra swipe per day that will come from your weekly allotment of meals. This allows, for example, students to have dinner and then come in during the late night hours and obtain an additional meal.

Guest & Meal Passes: Meal plans may be used only by the meal plan holder. Everyone may enter the facility by paying the door price. The exception is that meal plan participants have two free guest passes each semester that can be used to pay for guest meal or for their own meal if and when they have run out of weekly meals.


Fall 2014 / Spring 2015 Campus Meal Plans
 (All 2014 / 2015 meal plan prices include tax.)

 19 Meal Plan    

 15 Plus Flex Meal Plan    

 12 Plus Flex Meal Plan    

 7 Plus Flex Meal Plan    

 19 meals per week
 $1,901.50 per semester 
 15 meals per week 
 Plus $100 Flex Bucks per semester
per semester
 12 meals per week 
 Plus $100 Flex Bucks per semester
per semester
 7 meals per week 
 Plus $550 Flex Bucks per semester
 $1,993.00 per semester

Ready to sign up for your 2014-2015 Meal Plan? 

It's simple! Just visit the FAU Housing website, by clicking here, click on "Future Owls" and "Apply Now!" Follow the steps and find your your meal plan of choice. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Department of Housing and Residential Life, please call 561-297-2880 or e-mail  

The OWL Bucks account is the University’s pre-paid declining balance account. It gives patrons the absolute ease in making purchases on campus. It IS the plan of choice! OWL Bucks can be purchased on-line via a credit card or checking account. OWL Bucks can be used to pay for purchases at the Breezeway Food Court, Centre Marketplace, Outtakes, Starbucks, Burrow Bar and Grill, Dunkin Donuts, the Pharmacy and the Bookstore. The benefits of pre-paying for dining purchases is that it reduces the need to carry cash, and you will never go hungry again!

Parents: Do you know where your student’s dollars are going? With OWL Bucks you have the security of knowing that the account can only be used for campus purchases. OWL Bucks carry over from semester to semester and only expire after 12 months of inactivity.  

Have any additional question? Please contact the Business Services office at (561) 297-2041.