Meal Plan FAQs

Why are meal plans required?

The first two years of college are a transition time for most students as they mature and learn to be more independent. The University assists in the process by providing a structured housing and dining program. When the needs for food and shelter are met, students can focus on their studies and on adjusting to college life. 


Does a student get a meal card?

No. The student's FHSU photo ID card is used to make meal plan purchases. The student hands the card to the cashier and the computer automatically deducts the amount of the purchase from the prepaid meal plan account.


How do I pay for a meal plan?

The Meal plan fee is included with housing and tuition statement you receive prior to each semester. You many pay in full or use an Installment payment plan. Meal Plan fees are non-refundable.  


Where can students eat with their meal plan?

Meals can be used in the McMindes residential dining center and Dining Dollars can be used at any dining location on campus, including The Memorial Union, The McMindes Cafe and Outtakes at Chuck's Place.  


What are Dining Dollars? 

Dining dollars are similar to a debit account and are attached to each meal plan.  Dining Dollars can be used at any location on campus and work just like cash.  Any Dining Dollars not used in the Fall Semester transfer to the Spring Semester.  


What do I do if I have medical or dietary restrictions?

Contact our Director of Dining Services for an individual consultation to best determine how Dining Services can meet your needs:
(785) 628-4476


How will a student know the remaining Dining Dollar balance on his or her meal plan?

A student can check his or her balance at any dining services register. 


What if a student uses all of their Dining Dollare balance?

There are two choices if a student exceeds their normal meal plan balance before the end of the semester:
1) Add Flexi Cash to their Tiger Card.  You can do so by with credit card by visiting here:

2) Use cash, Mastercard, Visa, or Discover at any dining location.  


What happens to any unused Dining Dollar or Flexi Cash balances left from my current semester meal plan?

Dining Dollars and Flexi Cash carryover from fall to spring semester, however any unutilized points at the end of the spring semester expire.


Which plan do you recommend?

The Open Access plan offers the most flexibility as it has unlimited swipes per week. 


What student employment opportunities are available in Dining Services?

Chartwells Dining is the largest student employer on the FHSU campus. More information on student employment is available at any university dining center after classes begin or on our website.



For questions or more information, contact:
Chartwells Office
128 McMindes Hall
Fort Hays State University
Hays, Kansas 67601