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Now Hiring Part Time Positions!

Student Employment

Charwells relies upon student help in restaurants, dining centers, convenience stores and snack bars. Job opportunities are flexible. Available positions include general food service worker, cashier, student cook, utility, dishwasher, and student manager. Wages are competitive and a variety of incentives are provided.


About Student Employment

Work Schedule

Work shifts for most entry-level positions are 3-4 hours in length.  Work shifts may begin as early as 6am and end as late as 12am.  All work shifts are arranged to fit your class schedule.  Just like class schedules, work schedules may stay the same for the entire semester.

 Weekend Hours

You could be required to work part of the weekend.  Weekend includes Friday dinner through Sunday dinner.

 Hours per Week 

Approximately 10-20 hours per week.  If you are an international student, you may typically only work a maximum of 20 hours per week, depending on your visa type.

The Perks

For every shift you work, you will get a free meal.  We also offer clean, friendly environments and are willing to work around any schedule. 


Shifts are available at various times with the most opportunities during the dinner meal periods and weekends.  If you are interested in this great opportunity, simply call us at 785-628-4476 or you can print out the application at the top of the page and hand it in to any of our cashiers or in our main office in McMindes room 128.


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