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my meals

Create your own experience with My Meals.  Enjoy fresh food and relax with friends.  Or, if you're on the go, grab a quick bite to eat on your way to class.  My Meals are convenient and accessible at McMindes Hall.

for My Meal plans with a specific number of meals per week, each time you dine, a meal will be deducted from your total meal balance.  These plans are good for one week and re-set every Monday morning.

As incoming residnet students, you have the option of choosing whichever plan is best for you.  However, you aren't locked in to that decision.  At the beginning of each semester, you have the option to change your plan within the first 20 days of the semester.  So, if you find your plan isn't fitting your needs, go ahead and change it.


make a plan

My meals are designed for personalized meal planning.  Determine your needs and Eat.Learn.Live. for you. 

Open Access Plan + $450 Dining Dollars

This plan offers the most flexibility!  Enjoy unlimited meals or snacks at the McMindes Hall plus $450 in Dining Dollars to be used at any on campus dining location. 

10 Meals/Week + $500 Dining Dollars

Enjoy 10 meals per week at the McMindes Dining Hall plus $500 in Dining Dollars to be used at any on campus dining location. 

7 Meals/Week + $600 Dining Dollars

Enjoy 7 meals per week at the McMindes Dining Hall plus $600 in Dining Dollars to be used at any on campus dining location. 


 What if I have practice with a sports team and can't make it to the dining hall?

Dining dollars are a good option to use at Mondo Subs.  If you prefer to eat in the McMindes Dining Center, have your coach contact our Director of Dining Services to work out the best option for your team.  Our Director is Adam McMiller and he can be reached at 785/628-4476.  


What are Dining Dollars and how do they work?

Dining dollars are similar to a debit account and are attached to each meal plan.  Dining Dollars can be used at any location on campus and work just like cash.  Any Dining Dollars not used in the Fall Semester transfer to the Spring Semester.


 I've heard about Flexi Cash, what's that?

Should you run out of Dining Dollars, you can add money to your Flexi Cash account as needed.  Flexi Cash is also similar to a debit account, but not associated with the meal plans.  Flexi Cash can be used at any campus dining location and works the same as cash.  When you add dollars to your flexi cash account, you will receive 'free' money as a gift from us.  This free money is yours to keep and use.  Any dollars not spent in Fall carry over to the Spring semester.  You can access more information or add Flexi Cash to your card by visiting our main office located in 128 McMindes Hall or by clicking on the Tiger picture below:




Dining Dollars Spending Chart
  Open Access 10 Meals per Week 7 Meals per Week
Starting Balance $450.00 $500.00 $600.00
August 31st $412.18 $457.98 $549.58
September 14th $359.24 $399.16 $478.99
September 28th $306.30 $340.34 $408.40
October 12th $253.36 $281.51 $337.82
October 26th $200.42 $222.69 $267.23
November 9th $147.48 $163.87 $196.64
November 23rd $94.54 $105.04 $126.05
December 7th $41.60 $46.22 $55.46
December 21st $0.00 $0.00


Average Per Day $3.78 $4.20 $5.04
***This chart is designed to help you know where your total should be so that your Dining Dollars can last you the entire semester.