Catering Information
H-SC Catering Services specializes in creative and exceptional catering presentations. We understand your need for consistent and prompt service.

Whether you are planning an executive meeting or staff luncheon, our friendly and courteous staff assures the success of your function. Should your plans include items or selections not listed, we will be happy to customize menus for you. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you and your guests. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 434-223-6251 or e-mail us at





The Catering Process

Booking a catered event at Hampden-Sydney College is a painless process.

Call the Catering Office at 434-223-6251 to discuss your event. Our team will assist you in deciding on a style of service and the selection of food and beverage. We will support you in customizing and creating a memorable event. The total price for your event will reflect your menu and service selections.






Payment for a scheduled event should be made to Thompson Hospitality and is due three (3) business days prior to the event. This payment will place the event in what is known as "confirmed status". If the event is not in confirmed status, Dining Services cannot guarantee that the service will be rendered. Therefore, it is crucial that the communication between you, the customer, the approving official office, and the Dining Services Catering Office is effective.

As applicable, please provide one of the following forms of payment to the Catering Office:

  • Completed copy of the purchase order form with all authorized signatures
  • Foundation or Fund Certification Form
  • Credit Card
  • Cash
  • Certified Check
  • Money Order





In arranging catered events, attendance must be guaranteed five business days in advance of the event. This guarantee will allow for the proper planning of your event and will be your commitment to pay for the guaranteed number or the actual number of attendees, whichever is greater. For weekend events, the count must be guaranteed on the Monday before the event so as to allow ample time for the ordering process.






To avoid any pro-rated charges, all cancellations must be submitted in writing, to the Catering Office at least 72 hours (three business days) prior to your event.





Delivery Fees

A delivery fee of $80.00 will be applied to any event held away from the campus. This fee is for the transport of food, service equipment, china, flatware and linen.





Service Charges

A 20% service charge will be applied to the total invoice for all on and off premise events that are not initiated and funded by the school.






For events that are delivered an attendant will ensure that all items are to your satisfaction. If an attendant is requested, or required based on the style of service provided, additional charges will be applied as follows:

Wait Staff: $19.80 per hour/per person for a minimum of four hours

Culinary: $22.50 per hour/per person for a minimum of four hours

Bar Tender: $22.50 per hour/per person for a minimum of four hours



Service Times

All events will include a two-hour service time. Events requiring serving time beyond what is mutually agreed upon will be assessed an additional charge of $19.80 per hour.




For non-university sponsored events, state sales tax will be charged unless a tax exempt certificate is received prior to the start of your event.



Floral Arrangements

Silk flower arrangements on buffets and carving stations are standard.You can easily add a special touch to your event by letting us handle all your fresh floral needs. In order for us to meet our commitment to you, we ask that you give us at least five days notice to place the order and secure the floral arrangements. Prices will vary according to your selection.





Skirting for buffet and carving tables are included at no extra charge. Skirting and/or linen for guest tables, registration tables, display tables, and reception tables can be made available for an additional charge of $4.05. We can also provide specialty linen in an array of colors, prints and sizes to add to the elegance of your event for an additional yet reasonable charge.






In the event that special equipment, china or tables are required, we will charge for the required items and add the rental charge to your final bill. You will be apprised of the cost of the rental items when the arrangements for your event are finalized.

The use of the house china and glassware is $3.15 per person.





Unconsumed Food and Beverage
To protect you and your guests from food-borne illness, any food not consumed during an event may not be removed from the serving location.

Equipment Pick-Up
In order to protect the assets that are delivered to the event location, the client is responsible for all equipment until the designated pick-up time as indicated on the catering reservation form.




Types of Service

Plated and Served
This type of event has your guests seated and served for the entire meal. This service includes house linen, china and glassware, set-up, table service, event breakdown, and clean up. This level of service necessitates a minimum of one waiter/waitress per fifteen (15) guests. A 15 person minimum is required for this service.

Buffet Service
At your discretion and depending on your budget, buffet service can be self served or the entrée can be served by one of our professional wait staff at an additional charge. This level of service necessitates a minimum of one waiter/waitress per thirty (30) guests.

Drop-Off Service
Drop-off service includes house linen tablecloths for buffet, high-quality disposable ware, flower centerpiece, setup, breakdown and clean up. Wait staff is not a requirement for this service. Upon delivery of your event, our professional staff will ensure that all items ordered are received and verified by your authorized representative prior to our departure. A five person minimum is required for this service.

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