For Faculty/Staff




If you don't want to dine alone, invite a friend! There are no restrictions on who can dine with your Swipe & Save plan.




Number of meals 50 25 10
Cost per meal $6.00 $6.40 $7.00
*Savings $125.00 $52.50 15.00
Price per plan $300.00 $160.00 $70.00
 *Savings is calculated using the $8.50 average price between the lunch and dinner door rates,
plus the sales tax you would pay at the Dining Hall if you did not have a plan.

      Start to Eat.Learn.Live. for you

  Make a plan and determine your needs or purchase from one or more of the options below.  

 50 Value Pack

 Enjoy 50 meals for the academic year.

25 Value Pack

 Enjoy 25 meals for the academic year.
10 Value Pack
   Enjoy 10 meals for the academic year.
Flex Dollars
Enjoy 25 Flex Dollars for the academic year.

  Best of all sign up in the first 2 weeks and receive Free Flex Dollars!