For Parents


Manchester University and Chartwells offers a wide array of meal plans for both Resident and Commuter Students.  While we may never completely replace Mom's cooking, we will offer a selection of both comforting foods as well as authentic cuisine styles to entice and expand your student's palette. By offering so many options it encourages your student to explore not only new cuisines but to also meet new people and make new friends.

All Resident Students are required to be on one of Manchester University's Resident Meal Plans.  You can choose the Plan that is right for you and your individual dining needs.  All Manchester University's Resident Meal Plans come with Flex Dollars that your student can use to purchase snacks, beverages, or meals in our retail locations.  You can always supplement your student's after hours hunger by depositing money on the Spartan Cash Account.  This will let your student use their ID card as a debit card so they do not have to carry cash.  Minimum deposit is $25 and you can purchase online under"Purchase Meal Plans"

All Commuters and Off Campus Students are eligible to purchase one of Chartwells Voluntary Meal Plans.  These plans are designed to provide a convenient hassle free, and economical way for your commuter or off-campus student become engaged in Manchester University's campus life without the worry of carrying cash.

Please feel free to contact our Chartwells Dining Services office if you have any questions at 260-982-5289.