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"Fall Enhancements 2011"
by Tracy Cancro
posted Thursday, June 16

You spoke, we listened.  At the end of the Spring 2011 semester here on the Coral gables campus there were a lot of changes being made to the dining service program here on the Coral Gables campus.

Together with the Department of Dining Services, the newly elected Student Government advisory board and the findings from the many student task force town hall meetings, Chartwells Dining Services has developed many new and exciting enhancements for the Fall 2011 semester. Here is just a taste of some of the exciting changes being made on the Coral Gables campus for Fall.

The most exciting enhancement you will see is nutritional information on the www.dineoncampus.com/miami website. Not only will a student be able to see the entire nutritional information for every meal served at both Hecht Stanford and Mahoney Pearson but they will be able to create their own personalized nutritional profile and track their meals throughout the semester.  In addition to basic nutritional content, items based on our balanced U program which was introduced last semester will be noted on all online menus to steer students towards vegan and vegetarian options, organic, locally grown and balanced in calories, fat and sodium. (For more information about the Balanced U program please visit the www.dineoncampus.com/miami website)

In our resident dining program the culinary enhancements are sure to please even the toughest palette. Just a few of our tasty enhancements include:

·         A pasta and Pizza station including whole wheat pasta, new vegan and vegetarian sauces

·         The Souped Up station will now feature Chilis’ and Chowders in addition to our delicious soups

·         At the grill we will be featuring homemade veggie burgers as new sides for our grilled specialties

·          Gluten free bread at our deli as well as a new whole wheat sub roll

·         Brown rice or whole wheat pasta offered daily at Menutainment

·         Gluten and vegan salad dressings, an expanded toppings selection and new grain based salads daily

New for the for commuter student, Block Meal plans! For all of the commuters that want the flexibility of dining in either Hecht Stanford or Mahoney Pearson the introduction of Block Meal plans. The new plans offered, the 75 Block and the 50 Block are now available. Each plan consists of a block of meals which can be used throughout the semester without set meals per week.  Run out of meals before the end of the semester? No problem!! The 10 refresh can be added to either Block plan at anytime throughout the semester.  

 It’s the weekend and you have the munchies, but where is there a late night dining option open on campus?  The last thing you want is a candy bar from the vending machine or the leftover food in your fridge. Well not to worry, we now have you covered. The Hecht Stanford dining hall will be hosting late night hours on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.  In the wee small hours of the morning Hecht Stanford will open its doors and be dishing up a new late night menu .

Stay tuned to many more enhancements, additions and exciting changes coming this Fall. Once again we look forward to serving you!