Vegetarian and Vegan Highlights


Jamba Juice – Student Activites Center 
  • Ideal Meal Acai Topper - A great breakfast smoothie made with soy milk, organic granola and a fresh banana
  • Fresh Squeezed Orange and Carrot Juice
  • An entire category – All Fruit Smoothies
  • Apple Cinnamon Pretzels
  • Steel Cut Oatmeal with an assortment of prepared and fresh toppings
Lime - Whitten University Center
  • Almost everything on Lime's menu can be prepared without meat. Instead of adding a meat, you can choose from vegetarian organic beans, guac, cheese, rice, or anything else you'd like.
                                  Market Square – The Hurricane Food Court
  • Market Square, our salad bar option in the Food Court has over 25 different salad options which include tofu, legumes, fresh cut produce, fresh cut fruit such as pineapple, cantaloupe, and honeydew. We offer 3 to 4 whole grain or vegetable prepared salads daily that are a vegan option such as quinoa salad with apples or cucumber and tomato salad. In addition we have assorted toppings such as sunflower seeds, croutons and raisins.
Mango & Manny’s – The Hurricane Food Court
  • Mango and Manny’s has a vegan chop on their menu which includes the fresh vegetable of the day on top of your choice of white or brown rice, black beans and fresh tomato, lettuce and/or pico de gallo.
  • In addition we offer fresh hot vegetable sides, cold prepared salads (on a rotating basis, at least two daily) and sweet plantains.
    Sushi Maki – The Hurricane Food Court
  • When you think of sushi you automatically think of seafood, but Sushi Maki has created three rolls which fall under the vegan category:
  • Vegetable Summer Roll – Made with rice paper
  • Vegetable Dragon Roll – Wrapped in fresh avocado
  • Vegetable Roll – A classic rice and vegetable roll
  • In addition they also offer, Hiyashi Wakame (Seaweed Salad) and Edamame
The Oasis Deli – Whitten University Center
  • The Oasis Deli offers a daily Soup of the Day which is always vegan, falafel side with tahini sauce, falafel sandwich with tahini, hummus, tomato and cucumber on Panini bread and the Veggie Power Salad.

Starbucks – Richter Library & Student Activities Center

  • Starbucks hosts a selection of vegetarian and vegan options with their handcrafted espresso beverages, Frappuccino blended beverages, Tazo teas, (all beverages have the option to substitute soymilk instead of regular milk)oatmeal, salads, yogurt parfaits, and fruit cups.
    The Force Five Convenience Store – Whitten University Center
  • The Force Five Convenience store offers a large selection of healthy snacks and bottled beverages from nuts and dried fruits to fresh cut fruit, assorted sandwiches and bottled beverage.
  Courtside Eatery at – The Wellness Center
  • Featuring fresh made smoothies made with all natural fruit, yogurts, whey proteins and juices. Made to order exactly the way you want! We also have vegetarian/vegan sandwiches, salads and healthy snacks.
M20 - Student Activities Center
  • All salads on the menu come without meat.
  • A Veggie Panini is featured, which includes Eggplant, Zucchini, Red Onions, Mozzarella, and Pesto Sauce on Ciabatta
  • A TBM sandwich (Tomato, Basil, Mozzarella) is offered with Low-Fat Mayo on Multi Grain Bread.