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These plans guarantee you a set number of meals per week through the entire semester. If you are a "3 meals a day" kind of person or you like the all you can eat/ healthy options provided at Dalton Dining Center these plans are for you. The Food Dollars provided with the traditional meal plans would cover the instances where you prefer to dine in our retail facilities or bring a guest with you into the Dining Hall.

If you have additional questions please feel free to call RU Dining Services 540.831.5351
or use the "Contact Us" section for additional guidance. 

Not sure which plan is right for you? Let our MyMeals Assistant program help you choose the right plan with just a few easy questions!

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Need help budgeting your Flex Plan to last through the semester? Download ourFlex Budgeting Guide here or at the top of the page.


More Questions? See our FAQs Page

Please note: If the account balance reaches zero before the end of the semester, the meal plan will no longer work unless additional Flex Dollars are purchased. Any unused portion remaining at the end of the semester does not carry over into the following semester.

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