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Eco Friendly To Go Program
We are offering a recycled reusable to go container for our guests who wish to take their meal to go. These containers can be used by paying a $5 refundable cash deposit. These refunds can only be made through the food service office located on the second floor of the Toner Student Center. When a guest returns for their next meal, they can return the used container and receive a clean one for no charge, or receive a token to exchange at a later date, or return the container to the food service office for a $5 refund in DCB student meal card funds. If the guest does not have their container with them, they will either have to pay the $5 refundable fee for a new one or eat in the facility. If the guest wishes to swap the container out for a new one but not eat in or take out they may do so.

Toner Cafe

Saturday, April 19th

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