Environmental Sustainability and comitment to maintaing a greener world is at the heart of Chartwells' philosophy and a key component of its business model.  Our purhcasing policies, food sourcing, environmentally friendly programs and facility operations are all connected under the Balanced U Sustainability cycle that addresses environmental impact and healthy living in every point of the continuum.

The Balanced U Sustainability cycle begins by identifying relationships with our food sources through Eat Green.  By sourcing food and products locally or regionally from family farms, minority vendors and women owned businesses; Chartwells is able to provide many food choices that are produced by means of higher ethical standards as a responsible brand.

Build Green refers to sustainable design, construction or renovation which promotes energy efficiency and the use of ecologically friendly materials by The Novus Group, Chartwells' own build and design team.

Run Green includes Chartwells' programs that ensure all daily operations are managed according to our green standards to help reduce all forms of waste and increase efficiency.

Return Green teaches associates and students about Chartwells' initiatives relating to recycling, re-using and composting.

The Balanced U Sustianability program helps to create a greener campus and conveys a joint message from the institution and Chartwells demonstrating a caring and passionate attitude about our commitment to preserving the environment.

Eat Green




Project Clean Plate
Project Clean Plate is dedicated to reducing waste in Reisner and Kriner Dining Hall. Project Clean Plate is a GREEN effort to reduce waste, conserve energy and educate students about exercising portion control. 

Ship Dining challenges all dining guests to participate in Project Clean Plate by selecting an amount of food appropriate to their hunger level.

Ship Dining is also Trayless.  At other colleges and universities, as much as a 60% reduction in waste has taken place.  Ship Dining hopes that by participating in Project Clean Plate we can see similar results.
Our "Go Trayless" program decreases the amount of wasted water and food going into landfills, reduces chemical usage (detergents, rinse and drying agents) for washing trays and conserves energy by eliminating the need for heated water in the washing process.  Going trayless also raises awareness of healthier eating habits by encouraging customers to take less food overall, combating what Cornell University researcher Brian Wansink calls "mindless eating;" taking enough food to simply fill your plate, even if you aren't hungry or know better.  Ship saves over 700 gallons of water per day by being tray-less!
Refillable Mug Program
Ship Dining offers a refillable bottle program that gives customers the option to refill their ShipDining water bottles with water or soda at a discounted price while protecting the environment by reducing the amount of disposables utilized on campus.  Purchase your Ship Dining Water Bottle at select retail locations for only $5.
Reusable To-Go Program

STEPS Program
The demand for environmentally-friendly packaging and serviceware is growing at an accelerating rate.  The packaging choices that we make today have a significant impact on our environment and our community.  Every day, more and more consumers are looking to take a journey of small steps to engage in more environmentally-friendly behaviors.  The Steps Renewable Packaging Solutions program addresses a fast-growing movement away from petroleum based packaging and offers our customers products made from plant-based, renewable materials that also offer more recovery options to help reduce waste.  Look for STEPS packaging at retail locations and with our Outtakes grab & go items!

More info coming soon