For Residents

Eat.Learn.Live. is an experience defined by you.

We strive to make your time dining with friends as special as possible. Supported by an award-winning culinary team, we offer flavorful food options to sustain your body and mind. Your needs are unique, so let us know how we can enhance your dining experience.

My Meals

Create your own experience with My Meals. Enjoy fresh food and relax with friends. Or, if you’re on the go, grab a quick bite to eat on your way to class. 
My Meal plans include a specific number of meals per week. Each time you dine, a meal will be deducted from your total meal balance. The week starts on Friday and ends Thursday at midnight; therefore, every Friday morning the plan will reset with the appropriate amount of meals.
You can swipe your plan and use a meal at the Commons for an all-you-care-to-eat meal or for a meal combo in the Hat Rack or Coffee Shop. For example, a meal combo would consist of a sandwich and a fountain beverage. For those on the 19, 15 or 10 plans, for each meal period consisting of breakfast, lunch, dinner and late night you can swipe for either a meal in Commons or for a meal in the Coffee Shop or Hat Rack.
HatterBucks can be used in the Commons, the Hat Rack, Coffee Shop, Catering, Athletic Concessions, and Outtakes C-Store and are good for the academic year.  Any funds not used at the end of the fall semester will roll over to the spring semester. At the end of the spring semester, any funds left will expire. HatterBucks work like a debit card, and your balance will appear on your receipt after each purchase.
Additional HatterBucks can be purchased at any time. After the drop/add period of each semester additional HatterBucks can not be billed to the student account and must be paid for in cash, check, or with Visa, Master Card, American Express or Discover.   If you need to purchase more HatterBucks, you can do so by going to the Hatter 1 Card Office, located in Griffith Hall. You can purchase in increments of $50 or more.
In the state of Florida there is a 6.5 percent sales tax on all prepared food. The tax will be added up front to the cost of any HatterBucks purchased. Therefore, those persons using their Hatter cards will then not be taxed at the point of purchase. 

Make a Plan

Freshmen and sophomores living in residence halls will participate in the My Meal plan program. University Village Apartment and Stetson Cove residents may choose to participate in the My Meal plan program. Freshmen residents may select either of the three My Meal plan options below. You are automatically assigned the 19 plan. However, you have the option to change if you find your plan isn’t fitting your needs before the add/drop date.   
Unlimited meals + $50 HatterBucks                                             $2,980 per semester
This plan allows you to enjoy unlimited meal swipes in the Commons. Swipe for a full meal or snack, the flexibility can’t be beat. This plan also provides 1 meal swipe per day in retail locations (2.mato, Einsteins, or the Coffee Shop) for a meal combo.
19 meals + $50 HatterBucks                                                          $2,410 per semester
This plan allows you to enjoy up to 3 meal swipes per day, 1 meal swipe per meal period.  
15 meals + $175 HatterBucks                                                       $2,385 per semester
This plan allow you to enjoy up to 3 meal swipes per day, 1 meal swipe per meal period. 
Sophomores can chose any plan listed. 
10 meals + $175 HatterBucks                                                        $1,680 per semester
This plan allows you to enjoy up to 3 meal swipes per day, 1 meal swipe per meal period.  
115 block of meals for the semester +250 HatterBucks           $1,280 per semester
This plan allows you to enjoy up to 8 meal swipes per day and 2 meal swipes per meal period.
Meal periods are:
Breakfast: 7:00am-11:00am
Lunch: 11:00am-3:00pm
Snack: 3:00pm-5:00pm
Dinner: 5:00pm-7:30pm
Late Night: 7:30pm-2:30am   

Pick Your Plan

Visit the Hatter 1 Card Office, located in Griffith Hall.  

To purchase or change your plan online, click HERE.

Add HatterBucks to your plan, click HERE