Acting Today...Ensuring Tomorrow


Campus Dining Services takes an aggressive approach toward maintaining an environmentally sound dining program and is constantly seeking out new and improved ways to further develop our environmental plan.  Campus Dining Services has already implemented a number of environmentally friendly initiatives, either directly or in partnership with our vendors, manufacturers, clients or guests. 

- Local Produce and Local Vendors used whenever possible

- Styrofoam-free dining locations  

- Biodegradable containers, cups & plates

- All napkins are unbleached & made from natural materials

- All coffee on campus is fair trade

- Seafood served meets Monterey Bay Watch Program sustainability guidelines

- Cage-free eggs

- All meats come pre-trimmed which reduces packaging size and waste

- Leftover Soup is donated to a local homeless shelter each night  

- All plastics, aluminum and cardboard are recycled

- Eliminated delivery on Thursdays to reduce carbon footprint caused by emissions by 20%  

- Trim Trax program allows us to monitor waste amounts; waste is then composted for fertilizer and mulch on campus

- Annual sustainability event in April

- Reusable mug program offers a 10¢ discount on all fountain and coffee beverage purchases when using the mug

- Semi-annual Farmer’s Markets

- Encourage students to reduce waste at Montgoris Dining Hall

- Annual company Farm Tour with the St. John's Sustainability Coordinators