We now have a Director of Sustainability!

Please help welcome Lindsey to campus! 






"Hello SLU Community! My name is Lindsey Jones and I will be working for you as the Director of Sustainability for SLU Dining Services.  This position has been created to provide the SLU Students and Faculty with a more sustainable, local, life-giving, loving, and creative dining system. 

My Love of Saint Louis Local Food, Local Business, and Local Art is what has brought me to take on such an exciting opportunity to grow Sustainability and Local Food within the University.  

My background is a mingling of sustainable involvement, with experience in social work, farming, nutrition, cooking, and other creative experiences.  Throughout my years at University, I was volunteering and working at local food co-ops, grocery stores, and restaurants in Columbia, Missouri. After my University experience, Local Harvest Grocery played a major role in forming my drive to help create a sustainable and local food system in Saint Louis.  I have volunteered, worked, and been involved with Local Harvest since 2008.  Before moving back to St. Louis in 2012, I was living in a Camphill Village in Pennsylvania as a co-worker with special needs students for 2 years.  We were gardening, cooking, crafting, supporting the local food system, and practicing sustainable, organic farming together.  We worked with neighboring villages to source our foods locally and support local farmers, businesses, and artists.

I have also worked at the St. Patrick Center ( as a Community Support Counselor, Horticulture Therapist, and Program Coordinator from 2008-2010 and again from 2012-2013.  This experience was one that allowed me to see and experience first hand the need for creating a sustainable and localized community in St. Louis. 


The SLU Community plays a major role in the St. Louis food system, and We have the power to make a remarkable difference in the way food is served, prepared, eaten, and discarded on SLU Campus. I am here to help move SLU Dining in the direction of Sustainability and would love to hear your ideas on ways to make this happen.    "




With education as the primary focus of our business, Billiken Dining is committed to fostering and promoting sustainable business principles to our clients and customers. Our associates will lead by example through activities that minimize our impact on the environment by practicing the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse-, Recycle), with a primary focus on Reduction. Our programs will include the necessary information to encourage informed choices on both the food we conserve, and the ways we interact with the natural environment. Charitable donations, funding scholarship and bursaries, and active volunteerism by our associates are just some of the ways Billiken Dining re-invests in our community.





Minimize our impact on the environment with a primary focus on REDUCTION. Our approach is to bring awareness and education, and implement best practices where viable for waste management, water conservation, energy efficiency, and pollution control.


Purchasing Initiatives

Encourage responsible and sustainable practices in our supply chains. Our purchasing initiatives provide food choices which celebrate flavor, affirm cultural traditions and support local communities, and include local purchasing, fair trade coffee, and sustainable seafood programs.

Billiken Dining in the Community

Support and encourage charitable initiatives and community reinvestment with out associates and partners corporately and locally where we do business.


Nutrition & Wellness

Provide programs and education that foster and promote healthful, productive workplaces and communities for the benefit of our associates and guest. Program include Balanced Choices, our healthy lifestyles nutrition program, and healthy work place reward and development program.




Health & Environmental Consciousness

Billiken Dining is proud to use only cage free eggs, and antibiotic-free and free-range chicken and pork products, as well as partnering with the Monterey Bay Aquariums Seafood Watch program to assure that all seafood served complies with strict sustainability requirements. Billiken Dining uses only trans-fat free products. Billiken Dining is excited to use paper products that are 100% recyclable and are made in part by post consumer waste materials.

Eat. Learn. Live.

Eat Learn Live

Cage Free Eggs

Fair Trade Coffee

Produce Purchased from Local Growers

Use Local Producers when possible

Organic options within the convenience store and Terra Ve

RGBH Free Milk

Trans-fat free oils

Free range chicken and pork

Only serve seafood off of the Monterey Bay Seafood safe list

Educational Programs for Employees to Encourage Recycling and reduction in dining locations.

Post informational posters in the dining areas to encourage diners to follow our lead in sustainability efforts.

Use post consumer products - Napkins, paper towels, toilet paper, and office paper

Offer reusable eco-clamshell containers to encourage patrons to forgo disposable containers

Offer reusable grocery bags to cut back on plastic waste

Minimize our impact on the environment with primary focus on REDUCTION. Our approach is to bring awareness and education and implement best practices were viable for waste management, water conservation, energy efficiency, and pollution control.

Donate food to local food pantries each semester
Amnesty program to reduce china and silverware waste

 Our Local Purchasing Initiatives