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30 Block Meals with $175 Dining Dollars

The Commuter Plus Plan gives you the most flexibility in campus dining. You'll have 30 Block Meals to swipe in at Commons or Harris Dining Halls (all-you-care-to-eat) or at any retail facility (Jones, The Den or The Lair) for a meal trade. For anything else you want, use your $175 Dining Dollars to pay!


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40 Block Meals

The Commuter Meal Plan gives you 40 block meals and is perfect for those students living off campus who want the convenience of dining on campus. You can swipe in at Commons and Harris Dining Halls (all-you-care-to-eat) or at any retail facility (Jones, The Den or The Lair) for a meal trade.


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RESIDENT MEAL PLANS (Fall 2014 - Spring 2015)

Anyone can buy the Commuter Meal Plan or Commuter Plus Plan. But did you know you can also buy a larger meal plan if that's more your fit? The following are meal plans that you are eligible to purchase as a commuter student if you plan on spending more time on campus. Each plan is per semester, and you must buy another to qualify for rollover meals. Dining Dollars never roll over. To purchase, contact ID Services at 512-245-2297 or visit their website.

150 Block Meal Plan + 125 Dining Dollars

This Meal Plan averages at 10 meals per week. It allows you a larger amount of Dining Dollars than some of the other plans for those who enjoy retail dining.


200 Block Meal Plan + 100 Dining Dollars

The 200 Block Meal Plan is ideal for those students who plan on eating in the dining halls often. With this plan you’ll have an average of 13 meals to eat per week.


250 Block Meal Plan + 75 Dining Dollars

This Plan is a great option for those who plan to frequent the dining facilities often throughout the semester with an average of 16 meals per week.


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Block Meals roll-over from the fall semester to the spring semester only for 150 Block Meal Plans or greater. Associated Student Government Legislation (effective fall 2004) states that Dining Dollars must be exhausted in the semester they are purchased and do not roll over. Students must have purchased a spring semester meal plan (150 Block Meal Plan or greater) in order for the block meals to roll over. The roll-over meals will be placed in a rollover meal plan account and activated the week following the 12th class day of the spring semester. Rollover meals will be available for use once all spring semester meals have been exhausted and will not appear on you card balance until that time. Rollover meals will be deleted upon a withdrawal from the spring semester. There will be no refunds of rollover meals.

The Commuter Meal Plan and The Commuter Plus Plan never roll over and must be exhausted in the semester for which it is purchased. None of the meal plans rollover from Spring to Summer, Summer 1 to Summer 2, or Summer to Fall.

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 If you have special dietary needs, such as Celiac Disease, please contact the Director of Operations or the Director of Resident Dining to discuss the dining options we have to accommodate your needs.

Yves Duguay
Director of Operations
Office: (512) 245-9987


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