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Nourishing students is not only our business; it's our commitment to the community that we serve. These are just three simple words that communicate our singleminded commitment to provide the food and nutrition that fuels your students to succeed in their education, laying the foundation for a long, healthier life. 

Balanced U is designed to provide healthy meals and educational wellness tools to engage our students and faculty about healthier lifestyle dining options within the UMass Dartmouth campus.  We want to help our studnts make the connection that thier diet can affect how they feel, look and perform.

Through an iconic identification system and our trained culinary professionals, our dining services team helps guide our guest to healthier food alternativs and options.

Balanced U promotes healthy whole foods and helps identify those foods that assist with boosting immunity, increase or restore energy and reduce stress, and foods that will enhance study sessions.

Our focus is on helping our customers learn about what foods will help them feel, look, and perform their best.  Balanced U was designed to encourage a healthy diet that helps maintain a healthy weight and will assist students in adjusting to a new campus lifestyle.

Balance: These foods are limited in calories, fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, and sodium.  Eating these food choices more often will help you feel energetic and healthy.

Sustainable: Foods purchased or produced in a sustainabl manner.  This may include reduced anti-biotic chicken, cage-free shell eggs, sustainabl seafood, organic foods, or locally produced foods.

Vegetarian: Foods that do not contain animal products xcept dairy or eggs.

Vegan: Foods that do not contain any animal derived products at all inclduing honey. dairy, or eggs.

Made without Gluten: Foods that do not include gluten ingredients.  We avoide cross contact but cannot gaurantee they are gluten free.


Contact our Nurtrionist for special dietary and allergy needs.

Nancy Wiseman

Nutritional values on this web site were provided by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and are for comparative purposes only.
Foods offered on campus may not directly reflect the stated values of similar or like items.