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Meal Plan Sign Up Sheets

Sign up sheets for the 2014-2015 Academic Year will be available soon!



First & Second Year Students

Making the transition into college can be a challenging journey.  To help ease this transition, UMass Dartmouth Dining has different meal plans, which includes a combination of weekly meal swipes, dining dollars, and guest passes, offering great flexability and value.

Meal Plans are required of students living in the freshman and sophmore residence halls (Maple Ridge, Elmwood, Chestnut, Roberts, Pine Dale, and Oak Glen)

Meal swipes can be used at The Marketplace, our all-you-care-to-eat dining facility and select retail locations as a meal equivalency.  Dining Dollars are used just like cash! These dollars may be used in any of the dining locations on the campus.

Your meal swipes and dining dollars are loaded directly onto a students UMass Pass. All meals are just a swipe away! For mor information on our Meal Plans visit our DIning Brochure.


Upperclassman Students

The newly available Block Plans are available for any student residing in the Woodland or Cedar Dell Community.  Along with Block Plans, students are allowed to choose from our Traditional Meal Plans and Declining Balance Plans.

Between classes, studying, going to work, and your social life, who has time to cook an healthy, well-balanced meal in a convenient time frame?  Our block plans will always allow you to eat what you want and when you want!

How does a block plan work?

Block Plans are designed to be affordable and convenient. The blocks are loaded onto your UMass Pass, along with your dining dollars. Blocks work very similar to a tradition meal plan, except you are able to use as many blocks per day as you'd like. 

Each Block is equal to ONE meal swipe, that can be used at The Marketplace or Select Retail Locations for a Meal Equivalency.  Unused swipes remain on your card until the end of the academic year.  For more information on block plans use our Block Plan 101 as a guide.

How does declining balance work?

Our DCB Program allows you to enjoy all the exciting dining options we have to offer on campus effortlessly.  It is flexiable and economical for all students who are not required to be on a meal plan.  Declining Balance Program funs are accepted like cash at every of our 17 convenient dining locations on campus by utlizing your UMass Pass ID Card.  Funds are available for your entire academic year and can be purchased in $500, $750, $1000, and $1250 increments.



 How do you sign up for a Meal Plan?

Signing up for a meal plan is easy! Fill out the Meal Plan Form and return it to The Marketplace or UMass Pass Office.  When you return in to The Marketplace your first meal is FREE!  If you are interested in signing up for a meal plan during the summer months, all forms must be returned to the Housing Office on the first floor of Oak Glen Residence Halls.