For Faculty/Staff
Faculty and Staff Meal Plan Options              
Let UMBC Dining Services do the cooking! Instead of having to remember to bring your meals with you or spend the time or money at restaurants off campus, faculty and staff can now purchase one or both of the following new meal options:
The Faculty and Staff Block Meal Plan
The Skylight Room Frequency Plan
By purchasing a meal plan, you will enjoy the variety of delicious, healthy, fresh food every day at convenient on campus venues (without losing your parking space!) for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner. These options provide meals at a discounted rate and can be used for any meal, year round.
Faculty and Staff Block Meal Plans:
             This plan provides a block of 20 or 10 meals which can be used at True Grit’s or any retail dining operation on campus (excluding Skylight Room which has a separate program).
With the retail venues, one can purchase the value meal or one will get a dollar amount (equivalency) depending on the meal to use towards their retail purchase.  The current retail equivalency dollar amounts are $5.50 for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
You can purchase multiple Faculty and Staff Block Meal Plans.
The Faculty and Staff 20 or 10 Block plan does not expire.
You will receive 2% Chartwells Reward Dollars on your Campus Card account for additional food purchases.
You can use the meals anyway you like, inviting friends, family or guests to dine with you.

 Skylight Room Frequency Plan:
This plan provides for the purchase of 10 Skylight Room meals and you get the 11th meal free! You can purchase multiple Skylight Room Plans.
The Skylight Room Frequency Plan does not expire. You can use the meals anyway you like, inviting friends, family or guests to dine with you.
 These meal plan options offer:
No Need to carry cash…only your UMBC Campus Card!
Stay on campus…Don’t lose your parking space!
Save 30% for Lunch and 37% for dinner off True Grit’s cash door price with the F/S Meal Plan!
Get 11 meals for the price of 10 at the Skylight Room!
Meal Plan will not expire until meals are depleted
With the swipe of your Campus Card, you can treat a guest or family member to dine  with you at any meal.
Dining Services hours fit most all schedules

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FACULTY STAFF 20 Block PlanPurchase
FACULTY STAFF 10 Block PlanPurchase
Skylight Room Frequency Plan can only be purchased at The Skylight Room

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 *NOTE: Notwithstanding any other provision of this or any other University publication, the University reserves the right to make changes in tuition, fees, and other charges at any time such changes are deemed necessary by the University and the University System of Maryland Board of Regents.