I live on campus. Am I required to have a Meal Plan? 

All students living in the residence hall are required to carry a meal plan. Students in their first year at the University are required to carry Comet 19, 14 or 10.  Students in their second year living in the residence hall may choose from any of the five Residential Meal Plans (Comet 19, 14, 10, Green or Orange). Carrying a meal plan is optional for all other students living on or off-campus.


What meal plans are offered for upper-class or graduate residential students, commuters, faculty, or staff?

In addition to the traditional meal plans for students in residence, we offer commuters, upper-class/graduate residential students and faculty or staff members the option of purchasing Dining Dollar plans


Who is the Dining Hall open to?

Anyone! The Dining Hall accepts Dining Hall swipes, Meal Money, Dining Dollars, UTD Dollars, cash or credit card to enter.


When do meal plans start and stop each semester? 

For the fall and spring semester Meal Plans are activated the first day of move-in for the residence halls and are deactivated after breakfast service on the Saturday following final exams.

Fall 2014: Begins on August 16, 2014 and ends on December 19, 2014. 

Spring 2015: Begins on January 9, 2015 and ends on May 12, 2015.


Do Meal Money & Dining Dollar balances carry over from semester to semester?

The Comet 19, 14 10 and Green Meal Money and guest passes expire at the end of each semester. The Orange plan Meal Money will roll over from fall to spring, but any unused balance remaining after May 14, 2015 will be forfeited. These plans will be AUTOMATICALLY RELOADED for the spring term. The Dining Dollar Plans do not expire, unless the user is separated from the University.


May I change my meal plan and what is the last day?

You may request change your Meal Plan up until the 11th class day (Census Day), September 10, 2014 for the fall term and January 28, 2015 for the spring term. To request a change please email Dining Services at


How do I pay for a meal plan and additional Dining Dollars?

The full charge for the meal plan is posted to your student EZ Pay account and is due along with tuition and other University fees. Purchases of Dining Dollars (initial or reload) must be paid for immediately on a credit card.


What are Meal Money and Dining Dollars and how are they spent?

Meal Money is an allotment of “money” associated with the traditional meal plans that is used just like a debit card in the dining hall and retail locations (The Pub, Comet Café, Coffee Corner, Novel Brew or Bookstore Coffee Shop). They can be used only for food and expire at the end of each semester (except for the Orange plan which expires at the end of the Spring semester). Dining Dollars is the food money which operate like a debit account, do not expire and roll over from one academic year to the next.


What if I want my parents or a friend to dine with me in the Dining Hall?

You may use your Meal Money in which the walk-in price will be deducted for your guest’s meal or use your guest passes if you have a Comet plan or the Green plan.  Those with Dining Dollar plans are welcomed to use their dining dollars for their guests should they wish to share the wealth!


What is the difference between UT Dollars and Dining Dollars? Will you accept these as tender?

UT Dollars are cash value one may add to their Comet Card account at any time. These are redeemable as cash value in any location on campus where cash or credit cards are accepted. Where they differ is that they may be redeemed for general merchandise, books, photo copies, etc. in the bookstore and library.  Meal Money and Dining Dollars may be spent only in the food service locations.


Is there tax on the Meal Money and Dining Dollars? 

The Dining Dollars and Meal Plans and their Meal Money are taxed the standard 8.25% sales tax as they are being used for food items. The walk-in prices-per-meal are also taxed.


How much does an individual meal cost in the Dining Hall?


Monday - Friday  (prices include tax)

$8.18 Breakfast

$9.42 Lunch

$10.61 Dinner

Saturday and Sunday (prices include tax) 

$10.61 Brunch


Door rate prices are also listed on our Residential Door Rate handout



Monday - Friday  (prices include tax)

$8.55 Breakfast

$9.84 Lunch

$11.09 Dinner


Saturday and Sunday (prices include tax)

$11.09 Brunch


Do you offer a “meal” swipe in the retail locations, i.e. one dining meal will get you a Hamburger, fries and drink at the pub?

We do offer a “Meal Plan Equivalency” in The Pub Mondays through Fridays from 9:00PM-11:00PM after the Dining Hall closes those evenings. Don’t forget that you always have your Meal Money for use in the retail locations as well!


How do I check my balance of meals, Meal Money or Dining Dollars?

You may access this information via the cashiers in any food service location or you may check with the Comet Center.


What are the Dining Hours? 

The summer and fall 2014 hours of operation are coming soon!


What if I have special dietary needs?

We are strongly committed to providing healthy, balanced choices for our diners.  Should you have a specific dietary need we encourage you to meet with the Dining Director (Robert Agee) or Director of Residential Dining (Le Thurman) to discuss your needs so we may work to accommodate them to the best of our ability. It is particularly important that students with special allergies reach out to us so that we can ensure that they have something safe to eat.  All documented medical conditions will be accommodated to the best of our ability and resources.


What if I have other questions that are not answered here?

Please contact the UT Dallas Dining Services at 972- 883-4764, email or stop by to see us in 2.902 in the Student Union.