UT Dallas Dining is here to help you succeed!

College is stressful enough with classes, managing studying with social schedules and getting your “new” routine down. UTD Dining is here to help and provide consistent food options that you don’t have to plan for or worry about! All students living in the residence halls are required to carry a meal plan, and first year residents can choose from the Comet 19, 14 or 10. The Dining Hall provides classic home-style meals along with international dishes, and our retail offers familiar brands and offerings in a social atmosphere. Having a meal plan also saves a significant amount of money in the Dining Hall versus the door rate non-meal plan holders pay (depending on the first year resident plan you choose, you can save up to $1200 versus the average door rate). 


2014-2015 First Year Resident Meal Plan Options

COMET 19    $1973.06/semester

$5.88 per Dining Hall meal
19 meals per week (average of 2-3 meals per day)
$50 in Meal Money + 2 Guest passes

COMET 14  $1751.57/semester

$6.86 per Dining Hall meal
14 meals per week (average of 2 meals per day)
$100 in Meal Money + 2 Guest passes

COMET 10  $1665.82/semester

$8.81 per Dining Hall meal
10 meals per week (average of 1-2 meals per day)
$150 in Meal Money + 2 Guest passes
Second Year Residents & Above Options:
GREEN  $982.35/semester 
Our smallest plan with Dining Hall swipes, great for inconsistent schedules
5 meals per week (average of 1 meal per day M-F)
$100 in Meal Money + 2 Guest passes

ORANGE $750/semester

100% Meal Money
$750 to use at retail or for Dining Hall door rate (averages $40 per week)
Exclusive to this plan, unused Meal Money rolls over fall semester to spring semester
Sign up now!
First year residents: Online through the UT Dallas First Year Experience page
                              Confused about the signing up process? Check out our meal plan cheat sheet for tips!
Second year residents & above: Through your Housing Application
Apartment Dwellers/Commuters/Faculty/Staff:  Online at the UTD Dining meal plan purchasing page