Meal Plan FAQs

Are all students required to have a meal plan?
All First-Time-In-College students living in University housing are required to participate in the mandatory meal plan program at a twelve(12) Meal Plan level or higher per semester their first two (2) consecutive semesters on campus (summer residence not included). The default for the first semester is the 12 Meal Plan. However, the plan may be upgraded to the 15 Meal Plan.  To make a change, contact the Nautilus Card office at (850) 474-3325.
Are there meal plans available for commuters or other students living on campus?
Meal Plans and Block Plans are available to all students. Voluntary meal plans must be paid before the meal plan will be issued unless otherwise approved by Student Accounts. 
Can I change my meal plan?
Changes may be made to meal plans through the first two weeks after the start of classes or after the purchase of a meal plan, whichever is later.  To make a change, contact the Nautilus Card office at (850) 474-3325.
Does my meal plan expire at the end of the semester?
Meal and Block Plans and unused Argo Bucks expire at the end of each semester. 
Do my meals roll over if they are not used?

Meals reset every Sunday morning. If you don’t use all your meals for the week by Saturday night, they will not roll over.
How do I pay for my meal plan?
Meal plan purchases may be made in the UWF Cashier's Office, mailed to the Cashier's Office, or paid online via MyUWF (convenience fee applies).

What are Argo Bucks?

Argo Bucks are flexible dining dollars that come with each meal plan.  They are accepted like cash at all dining service locations.
Can I use my meal plan during breaks?
Meal plans are not active during spring, winter or Thanksgiving breaks. Argo Bucks, cash or credit are accepted.
Are Mandatory Meal Plan Payment Deferments available?
Requests for Meal Plan Payment Deferments must be submitted by the student only. A deferment is a short-term delay of no more than 30 days past the UWF published semester Fee Payment Deadline. Questions can be directed to the Nautilus Card office at 850-474-3324.
Special Dietary Concerns?
The Nautilus Market has the most vegetarian  and vegan options, but all dining locations have several vegetarian options. Any other dietary concerns or allergies can be addressed by our Senior Director of  Dining Services Paul Taylor. He can be reached at (850) 474- 3197 or at