For Parents

You've nurtured them, taught them, fed them, and taken care of them their entire life. It's an exciting yet frightening time in their lives and you want to be sure your child is well taken care of. Our goal is to help your child understand and make the right dining choices by offering them a variety of options and dining styles from which to choose. While we may never completely replace Mom's cooking, we will offer a selection of both comforting foods as well as authentic cuisine styles to entice and expand your child's palette.

We view the dining program from not only a nutritional standpoint but also as an important social aspect of their growth. By offering so many options it encourages your child to explore not only new cuisines but to also meet new people and make new friends. Dining on campus allows your child to take part in the socializing that goes on during meals, allowing them many opportunities to interact outside the classroom.

If your student is living on campus, please visit the "For Residents" tab of the Meal Plans page. If your student is living off campus, please visit the "For Commuters" tab of the Meal Plans page. Whether living on campus or commuting to campus, we have options designed for your student's needs.