At Chartwells, we look for opportunities to make a difference in the lives of our customers through our steadfast dedication to nutrition and healthy eating. With these opportunities, however, comes a set of important responsibilities. As part of Compass Group, a global company, we are acutely aware of the impact our operations have, both on the communities in which we do business and the environment we share with one another. Acting responsibly is an essential part of our vision and values, and we are proud of our collective efforts to make this world a better place.

 Chartwells Goes Green

For students on-the-go who may like to use the To-Go option from time to time, the Nautilus Market will offer reusable containers. The student will pay $5 deposit at the first use. Each time the container is used and brought back a clean container or "To-Go Container Card" will be given to the student. At the end of the semester when the last container is returned, the $5 will be refunded.

Help the environment by using eco-friendly to-go containers!

Practices & Initiatives at UWF

 UWF Dining Services  Initiative  Description  Green  Sustainable  Recyclable  Date Initiated
  Sustainable Seafood Use of only seafood that is not currently depleted. Pocket-sized, fold-up cards about Sustainable Seafood are available in the Nautilus Market.   Yes   Fall 2007
  Paper Cups Use of paper cups throughout all dining venues instead of Styrofoam cups Yes     Fall 2008
  Grease Removal Grease is picked up by third party and converted to be used in diesel truck engines Yes     Sep 2008
  Tray-Less To raise awareness of reducing water, chemicals and food waste. Not using a tray saves 3 gallons of water per customer. Yes     Fall 2008
  Purchase of Organic Foods As of Fall 2008, the purchase of organic foods by UWF Dining Services is estimated at 15% but a dramatic increase is expected over the next several years as suppliers are feeling customer demand.   Yes   Fall 2006
  Cage-Free Eggs Only use cage-free shell eggs which is a significant contribution to the welfare of farm animals. Yes     Fall 2006
  Recycling During the month of April 2010, the Argo Galley alone recycled 126 lbs. of cardboard, paper, plastic, tin and aluminum.     Yes continuous
  Re-Usable To-Go Program For students on-the-go who may like to use the To-Go option from time to time, the Nautilus Market offers reusable containers- Eco-Clamshells. Yes Yes   Fall 2010



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