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We Want YOUR Feedback! FREE Coffee or Tea!
It's That Time Again - Share ALL of your Feedback with us, so we know what we're doing great, and what we can improve upon, to continue to provide the BEST possible dining and customer service experience while you're dining with us on campus! It's ONLY a 3 Minute Online Survey, and at the end, you'll get a FREE coupon for a Mini Pinkberry Original Frozen Yogurt! You may share your opinions ONCE until Midnight on Friday, April 18th! Good or bad - please share! LINK:

Last SUPERFood Sampling of the Year: Nuts!
We're hosting a SUPERFood sampling and tasting of great recipes on Tuesday, April 22 in Palms from 11am-2pm! Featured SUPERFood: Nuts! Why Nuts are a SUPERFood: They're bursting with protein, fiber, vitamims and minerals! Come out and get healthy, and eat healthy at the same time!

  14 -
2014 Easter Hours of Operation
Will you be on campus Easter weekend? If so, click below to see what food will be available for the weekend. Also don't forget our special Sunday Easter Brunch in Palms Dining from 10am-4:30pm! Click Here

Don't Forget - Use Your Blazer Bucks Before May 9!
REMINDER! Don't forget to use ALL of your Blazer Bucks and/or Xtra Blazer Bucks before the end of the day on Friday, May 9th. If you don't use them, you lose them - so get your money's worth from your meal plan(s), and spend them at ANY of our dining locations on campus!

Chick Fil A Student Union

Menu for Friday, April 18th


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