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Campus Dining 101

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On behalf of the Dining Services staff, we would like to welcome you to Winona State University. Campus Dining is a large part of your campus life. Our goal is to make it an exceptional dining experience with top quality, variety and nutritious food in an atmosphere that incourages congregation and collaboration.
Bruce Bechtle
Director of Dining Services
There are two dining halls on campus, the Jack Kane Dining Center (in Kryzsko Commons) and the Lourdes Dining Hall (on West Campus). The Jack Kane Dining Center includes an upper level mezzanine as well as a lower level with a private dining area. The Lourdes Dining Hall, located on the main floor of Lourdes Hall, provides additional convenience for the students living on West Campus. Students on a meal plan may use their meal cards in either dining location.
There are many opportunities to interact and provide input on the dining program at Winona State. Comment cards are available in food service locations. Dining Services participates in a campus wide survey each year that is compiled by NACUFS (The National Association of College and University Food Services) to ensure quality feedback from student responses. The Food Service Committee, made up of students and campus dining staff, is available to provide input and suggestions to enhance your campus dining experience. The Food Service Committee is directed by the Residence Hall/House Councils in conjunction with the Director of Dining Services. The Food Service Committee is open to all students who care to attend. There are additional opportunities to communicate through our Dine on Campus web site, Facebook and Twitter.
Meal Plans - All meal plan options are selected through the Housing Office at 235 Kryzsko - 507-457-5305
Dining Services offers a choice of three meal plans: 14, 10, or 7 meals per week. The meal plan week begins with Friday breakfast and ends with Thursday dinner. You may use up to 4 meals per day regardless of which meal plan you choose. Please plan your meals accordingly. The meal plan is to be used by the meal plan participant only.
Residential Meal Plan features include:  
• All you care to eat: Products may be portioned for service but you may return for unlimited portions on all items except premium night entrees in Jack Kane or Lourdes Dining Centers.
• Grab & Go Lunches and Dinners are available for students with work or class schedules that conflict with meal times.
• Under the Weather Trays: If you are ill and need to have a friend get a meal for you, contact the resident dining manager at Lourdes x2556 (west campus) or Jack Kane x2439 (main campus).
My Meals:
7/14 Meal Plan:
This plan allows 14 meals per week and includes $170 of Kryzsko Kash per semester.
7/10 Meal Plan:
This plan allows 10 meals per week and includes $190 of Kryzsko Kash per semester.
7/7 Meal Plan:
This plan allows 7 meals per week and includes $210 of Kryzsko Kash per semester.
Purple Pass Dollars are also available to all students. Purple Pass may be added to your account by visiting the Warrior Hub at Maxwell Hall. The Purple Pass Dollars are accessible through the use of your Warrior ID. Purple Pass Dollars are real dollars and are useable at any location for any purchase.
All meal plan options are selected through the Housing Office at 235 Kryzsko - 507-457-5305
Kryzsko Kash/Purple Pass Dollars
Kryzsko Kash dollars may be used to make purchases in the Smaug, Kryzsko Kafe Convenience Store, Coyote Jacks, Mondo's, Ivy Room (Mugby Junction @ Somsen), Perform, Lourdes Snack Shop, or either of the dining centers. Kryzsko Kash is automatically loaded onto Student ID Cards with purchase of 14, 10 or 7 Meal Plan. 
 Purple Pass is open to all Students, Faculty, and Staff.  Simply deposit money to your Purple Pass account, using Manage My ID.  All major credit/debit cards accepted, along with Guest Deposits for Parents, Relatives and Friends.   Link to Manage My ID:  or visit our WSU Cashiers at: Warrior Hub – Maxwell 209, cash and checks accepted.  You can eat, snack, purchase beverages, treats and groceries at all Chartwell locations on Campus.   Discounts and Promotions offered.
For more information visit us at:
Dining Dollars
As an incentive for students to stay on campus for spring term and remain on a meal plan Dining Services offers Dining Dollars. Dining Dollars is a declining balance that may be used just as Kryzsko Kash or Purple Pass would. Students on 14, 10 or 7 meal plans may register for Dining Dollars during the last week of the term and finals week of the fall term. In order to take advantage of this opportunity, students must come to the Dining Services Office during the last week of fall semester or finals week during normal business hours. Dining dollars are an incentive to keep students on campus for the Spring Term and are not available to those who move off campus or leave school.  Approximately two weeks after the student activates their meal plan for the spring term Dining Dollars will be placed in their account. Dining Dollars are a declining balance fund similar to Kryzsko Kash but will be allocated to a separate fund on the student ID Card. Once the student uses up their Kryzsko Kash they will be able to utilize their Dining Dollar account.
Purple Pass is the only tender that may carry over from year to year as it is not part of any meal plan. Meal Plans are not taxable so they are limited to per semester restrictions.
ID/Meal Card
Students who are on a food service plan must use their Student ID card to enter the dining hall for each meal. As you enter the dining room, the checker will swipe the cards magnetic stripe to determine whether the card is valid and whether any meals remain for the week. Please take care of your card, damage to the card will impede its performance and may in turn require the purchase of a new card from the University. Your ID card may not be transferred to another individual for their use in the dining room.
To replace your ID Card: Go to IT Services in Somsen Hall 207.
In case you would lose your card a temporary meal pass may be issued at the Main Dining Office (220 Kryzsko). The meals used when on a temporary meal pass are deducted from your available meals for the week or the semester.
Meal Plan Changes
Meal plan changes are made with the Housing Office at Kryzsko 235. You may increase you meal plan at any time. You may reduce your meal plan durining the first two weeks of classes. Adding Purple Pass dollars or making payments to your account is handled through the Warrior Hub at Maxwell Hall.
The Clean Plate Program:
Chartwells Dining Service is committed to our clean plate program to reduce unnecessary food waste in our dining programs and preparation areas. In return we donate a portion of the dollars saved to local food shelves and holiday dinners for those less fortunate. All we ask is that our diners follow the motto:
“Take what you want but eat what you take.”
The dining program operates on the fees you pay so waste and theft directly impact those costs from year-to-year. The less food wasted, the more opportunity it provides to share with those in need and to keep your costs down each year.