For Commuters




The Gompei 190 Meal Plan


ANY 190 “all you care to eat meals” at Pulse On Dining Marketplace, The Library Café, Outtakes Convenience Store, Goat's Head Restaurant or Campus Center Food Court. You will receive $200 in Bonus Points that can be used at any dining location on campus The Gompei 190 Meal Plan has our most flexible options, with no expiration on meals until the student graduates and is considered the most popular voluntary plan among students at WPI.

Get 10 FREE meals with the purchase of the Gompei 190 voluntary meal plan. This is a savings of over $130 totaling to 200 meals! Use promo code 10FREE during your online purchase. Offer effective from February 8, 2014- March 18, 2014. Offer good for new meal plan purchases only. Promotion cannot be applied to previous purchases or meal plan transfers.

The Gompei 190 Meal Plan Cost: $2,670.00




Commuter 40 Meal Plan                                                                                                  

ANY 40 "all you care to eat meals" in Pulse On Dining Marketplace.Also, includes $50 Bonus Points.    

40 Meal Plan Cost: $535.00




Luncheon Meal Plans


75 Luncheon Plus

75 "all you care to eat meals" in Pulse On Dining Marketplace. Also includes $35 in Bonus Points.

75 Luncheon Plus Cost: $725.00



50 Luncheon Plus

50 “all you care to eat meals” in Pulse On Dining Marketplace. Also includes $25 in Bonus Points.

50 Luncheon Plus Cost: $515.00



WPI Goat Bucks


WPI Goat Bucks is a convenient way to pay for food, services, and bookstore purchases using your WPI ID card.

All students, faculty, and staff can add funds to a Goat Bucks declining balance account. You can use your WPI ID card with Goat Bucks to purchase non-meal plan food and services on campus, as well as food from select off-campus locations.

Best of all, you get a 10% discount when you use Goat Bucks at many campus dining locations (excluding Dunkin’ Donuts). Plus, Goat Bucks do not expire.


Anyone with a WPI ID card automatically has a Goat Bucks account. You can add Goat Bucks to your account using three easy options:

·         Add Goat Bucks online with a credit card (fill in the amount in the Cash Card box at the bottom of the form – transactions can take up to two business days).

·         Add Goat Bucks using a credit*on your student account by completing this online form (transactions can take up to two business days).

·         Add Goat Bucks using cash at the machine located on the first floor of the Gordon Library.

·         Add Goat Bucks at the Bursar’s office in-person with cash or check.

There is no minimum balance required in your Goat Bucks account. You can view your current balance on Banner Web.

*Additional requirements may be required if using Federal Financial Aid.


 On campus dining venues: 

·         Food Court*

·         Goats Head*

·         Higgins House*  

·         Library Café* 

·         Morgan Dining (non-meal plan)*

·      Outtakes Convenience Store*

·      vending machines

·      Dunkin Donuts

*Save 10% when you use Goat Bucks at these on-campus locations

Campus and residential services: WPI bookstore, selected copiers and printers at the Gordon library, laundry, helpdesk, and recreation center

Off campus local eateries: Goat Bucks are accepted at a variety of local vendors including restaurants and grocery stores. Complete list coming soon!

Upon terminating your relationship with WPI, you will receive an automatic credit for unused Goat Bucks to your Banner account (you will receive a final refund if you have a remaining credit balance on your Banner account).

NO REFUNDS are permitted during a semester unless you are withdrawing from the university
Are Goat Bucks separate from residential and commuter/voluntary meal plans?
Yes - the Goat Bucks declining balance account is separate from all meal plans and meal plan bonus points.
Even if you have a meal plan with bonus points, you should still maintain a Goat Bucks account for accessing campus services such as library copier and printers and bookstore purchases, and for use at additional on- and off-campus dining locations. Unlike bonus points, Goats Bucks do not expire at the end of term.
How do Goat Bucks differ from dining and auxiliary points?
Beginning in July 2013, Goats Bucks replaced both dining and auxiliary points as the one and only form of WPI ID Card currency. Goat Bucks can be used to purchase food and services that previously required either dining or auxiliary points.
If you had dining and auxiliary point balances in July 2013 they were automatically transferred to an equal number of Goat Bucks.







 SPECIAL FEATURE for all Commuter Plans

Can't make a meal in the NEW Morgan Hall? Use the meal equivalency of this plan at the Campus Center Food Court, Library Cafe or Outtakes Convenience Store. Each location will offer you a variety of NEW Bundled Meal Options. 


Your Meals Stay with You!

Another Benefit to having a Commuter Meal Plan is that you will never lose your meals. The are good until you either use them or leave WPI.



Go to

or contact the Bursar's Office at 508-831-5203.


If you have any questions, contact Joseph Kraskouskas at 508-831-5685 or Lusine Baghsarian at 508-831-4869.



Please allow 2 business days from the time a Meal Plan or Cash Card deposit is processed until it can be used at any dining service location.